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Welcome to the World of Blogging!

on January 6, 2019

Welcome Periods 1, 2 and 5 AP Language and Composition students to what very well may be your first online blogging experience!  Digital literacy skills are essential to your future success in college and beyond, and I am excited to be offering you the opportunity to practice within this safe learning environment.

After reviewing the D211 digital democracy points and designing your initial blogs (that’s a fun part!), you will soon feel empowered with this new platform to digitally engage in class discussions while sharing your writing with authentic audiences. I hope you find these life-skill experiences enjoyable and beneficial as you will be adding substantial work to your DIGITAL FOOTPRINT.

Initially, we will be using this site to share some of our discoveries and insights as we read our 2nd semester independent reading books.  We’ll be conversing with each other across all three of my classes and perhaps to other classes as well. Blogging provides a unique opportunity to share our interpretations more widely as we gain immediate feedback from our peers. It is my hope that the posts you experiment with here help you evolve into deeper literary analysis of what you are reading. Let the exploring begin!!

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