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Focusing on our Focus

on January 28, 2019

Hello AP Lang Students!! You should each be very proud of your first post on your very own websites. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I enjoyed reading your thoughts and initial impressions. Your insights are already reflecting your connections to your independent books!

It’s time to take the time to reflect again. THIS TIME, respond to this question:  What do you see as the focus for your literary analysis paper so far? Respond in at least two paragraphs.

First paragraph: Be sure to name the work and author within this paragraph. Explain your point of interest in your reading so far. What are you interested in analyzing at this point? (Remember, this could very well change). Then, choose a quotation from the book and comment upon its importance in terms of your focus as you see it so far.

Second paragraph: Explain a possible disagreement you have with the story, with the overall structure of the text or with a particular rhetorical decision the author makes in relating the story.


Express your praise for how the author may have capitalized on a certain aspect of the piece. What is he or she doing particularly well in terms of the story itself and/or the way he/she expresses the story.

Be sure to support your disagreement or praise with clear, concise support and reasoning.

[Focus topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of Theme (describe what you think that is at this point)
  • Analysis of Character (s)
  • Plot structure
  • Analysis of Setting
  • Symbolism
  • Analysis of Imagery/Figurative Language
  • Analysis of Point of View
  • Analysis of Organizational Structure
  • Analysis of Diction
  • What else?]


Be sure to include:

~ Creative title for your post  

  • Identification of your book title and author
  • At least one visual (If you used the book cover for your first post, use something different this time such as a symbol to represent the theme)

Find a copyright safe photo by one of these methods:

  1. Do a Safe Google Search (as demonstrated in class)    OR
  2. look at one of these sites in the chart below   OR
  3. include your own photo!!

From Kathleen Morris’s Fabulous Blog at

Please complete and publish this post by Friday, February 1st.

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