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Comment Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines    

Determine Your Reason

Taking a few seconds to determine this before you start to write will help you compose a more sincere and appreciated comment. For instance: Are you simply stopping by your friend’s blog and offering positive feedback? Do you appreciate your peer’s insight and want to say thank you for sharing? Did you read the same or similar book and want to compare? Do you disagree strongly and what to add a rebuttal?  . . .

Be Clear

Provide a bit of context within your response. That way readers may not have to read the entire thread to understand your comment.

For example, instead of just starting out “I read that book too!” it’s helpful if you start with some context such as “I read The Glass Castle over the summer. What I appreciated most about that memoir is the candor in which Jeanette Walls portrayed her eccentric parents.

Be Concise

Get right into your point (determining your reason for commenting ahead of time helps with this).  At the same time, try not to simply type “Wonderful,” “I love it” or “LOL.” Rather, explain why it is wonderful, why you love it, why it’s fun. This becomes especially important when you are commenting that you disagree . . . why do you disagree?

Be Respectful and Kind

Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in person.


I know it may be hard to remember to do this because these comments are brief pieces of conversation. But taking a few seconds to proofread is important. Significant typos undermine credibility.

Ms. C’s bonus tip: When you are offering a constructive piece of criticism within your comment, feel free to add emojis to soften the tone.😊

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