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Ten Line Poem

on March 4, 2019

Now that you’ve completed your literary analysis essays, it’s time for you to have the chance to stretch your creativity!! PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN OPTIONAL ACTIVITY – A CHANCE TO ADD VARIED WRITING FORMS TO YOUR DIGITAL PORTFOLIO.

Your challenge is to write a ten line poem. The poem must include one sentence from your literary analysis book -that you have changed in some way. (The sentence you choose is up to you!).

Within your own ten lines, you must include FIVE words from your book that help illustrate the theme. To prepare, write your five words here:

  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________
  • __________________________

Be sure to include a creative title for your poem. This will be the title of your post.

Be sure to include a visual representation. Take your own picture or find a copyright safe picture on the web.


Bonus Blog Challenge:   a. Use this link HERE to find tools to create an avatar for your blog. If you’ve already created one, you are good to go! (link to avatar tools thanks to EduBlogs!!!)

  1. Once you create your avatar, add it to your blog so that it shows up wherever you’ve commented. Instructions are HERE. Basically, you will go here within your dashboard:

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